The staggering on going count of NON-BIODEGRADABLE plastic bags at the above is the up to date indicator of the plastic bags given to the U.S. shoppers, beginning January 01, of this year across the United States. - Each year a shocking quantity of 916,981,973,789 plastic bags are trashed, in U.S. alone, polluting and poisoning Land-fields, the Air and our Waters.

Tree Huggers of America is A Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization

An Alliance of Sensible Concerned Citizens,
Advocates of Reason, Rational And Common Sense

Revitalizing And Restoring American Economy And Industries

January 28, 2009

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1414
Comments: (202) 456-1111
Fax: (202) 456-2461

Dear Mr. President,

We supported your campaign and voted for you, trusting your promises and message of the audacity of hope, YES WE CAN CHANGE. We do agree with you, absolutely we can get ourselves out of this environmental, economic and political turmoil fabricated by the criminal billionaires whom are still getting money, our money, the public money from the federal government with ZERO accountability. Talking about having audacity and no shame, these criminal, or incredibly incompetent billionaires have even refused to account for the billions already given to them, how could this be? What are you going to do about this? And why these banks, financial institutions and alike that we, the people have bought and paid for far more than what they worth are not being nationalized and taken over?

The Nation-Less Corporations are known by the majority of people all over the world as Multi-Nationals, which it obviously implies that these warmongering, murdering, thieving and destructive corporations are actually loyal to more than 1 nation. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The absolute truth is that Nation-Less Corporations are in pursuit of owning all there is, at all costs with no regard for humanity and our one and only home Planet Earth. The Nation-Less Corporations must be exposed and stopped.

We, the American people, are sick and tired of the criminal Nation-Less Corporations’, slave labor work conditions, intimidating corrupt business practices, wages, employment uncertainties, the constant backbreaking pressure to raise prices while lowering wages through exporting jobs to China, India, Philippines, Mexico and many other slave labor societies, to make a few hundred criminal greedy Billionaires even richer, at an immeasurable costs to our ENVIRONMENT and HUMANITY at large.

We, the American people must stop the corporate child abuse immediately. The conscienceless nation-less corporations child molestation must be stopped now to protect our children from the harm of contaminated foods, drugs, over 67 unwanted and highly carcinogenic mandatory vaccines, marketing and selling cell-phones to kids without mentioning and warning about the deadly radiation affects of the cell-phones, and much, much more harmful products, which are targeted and marketed directly to our innocent unaware children daily.

We strongly believe that the object of our life as humankind is to evolve and learn. First thing we need to learn is how to improve our social, political and economic relations with one another. To this end we need the full development of every child, every individual both the womankind and the mankind, through highly effective education, association, freedom, love and community support, which means we, the people, need to develop an all-inclusive organic social motherhood. Our future is in the hands of our children, and in order to guaranty a prosperous future we must provide and create a healthy environment, great education, universal preventive healthcare and good organic foods for all of our children.

We are an alliance of ethical, sensible and concerned citizens, advocates of reason, rational and common sense, in dealing with all matters, concerning the survival of our species and our one and only HOME, Planet Earth, and our environment. We believe in a cooperative capitalism, in which all community members shall become prosperous. The management philosophy we are recommending is also based on the very same idea of equality, cooperation and tolerance, please see the definitions below.

We would like you to address these fundamental concerns and encourage your cabinet and the US government to enforce the existing rules and regulations already on the books. Also order US government to support and finance Co-Operative Sustainable Green Living Business Development, in which local people and all employees will equally own the Co-Operative, and all of its assets.

In order to truly set things right, empower the people and begin correcting the deliberate mistakes of many deregulations of the recent past, we must enforce the US Anti-Trust Laws and regulate power generating companies, banks, media (TV & Radio), telephone, etc, aggressively, honestly and seriously. By the very same token that we need traffic rules and laws to prevent mass killing of people in our highways, we need rules and regulations to protect the people and the society at large from the criminal predators. We must also stop the tax-brakes and government subsidies given to the nation-less corporations for out-sourcing and exporting jobs to other countries.

Mr. President with a stroke of your pen, signing an executive order you can give back what was taken away from the public. Pleas reinstate the Fairness Doctrine as the law of the land. And mandate the ownership of all major TV and Radio Networks and Newspapers shares to be owned by the local people of the region / state, and the employees only.

Our economy could be fixed very quickly and easily, if the ruling elite are sincere and honest about healing the nations’ 40 year deep wounds caused by the institutionalized capitalism, or fascism, deliberately put in place and supported by the US government. We must begin by empowering the American people, not those who brought us where we are today.

Mr. President with a stroke of your pen, signing an executive order please restore and reinstate the federal law against usury. Usury laws enables the US federal government to prohibit and stop the kind of outrageous predatory business practices, which have become the general means of robbing people in the name of doing business, in this country.

First and for most, we must focus our time, talent, energy and taxpayers’ money on creating local co-operative businesses. Factories and manufacturing facilities should not be closed; rather they must be reorganize as Co-Operatives, financed by the taxpayers’ money, own and operated by the local people and the employees.

Automobile manufactures and other heavy industrial facilities should also be reorganized as Co-Operatives, own and operated by the local people and the employees. Obviously due to the lack of demand instead of closing automobile manufacturing facilities, we could easily retool and use them to manufacture street surface light-rail train cars and other green public transportation vehicles for the local state use, where the manufacturing facilities are based.

We must begin enforcing the US Anti-Trust Laws, NOW. All of the large nation-less corporate monopolies, such as nation-less agriculture, nation-less banks, nation-less pharmaceuticals, nation-less insurance, nation-less energy, nation-less utility, nation-less media (TV & Radio), nation-less entertainment, etc, must be taken down and broken to manageable local Co-Operatives and reorganized as Co-Operatives, to be owned and operated by the local people and the employees.

We must put an immediate stop into this nonsense of globalization scheme fabricated by the elites, to serve the greedy criminal elites, whom are never satisfied, wanting it all, in pursuit of owning it all and running the world to the ground. The fact is that countries such as United States of America, the European Union, China, India, Mexico, African, Asian, and Latin American countries they all are large enough, and enjoy having their own domestic markets to satisfy, produce for, and be prosperous. There is absolutely no need for the globalization scheme, rather we must localize instead. Also, the Global Trafficking of foreign made merchandise generates enormous amount of CO2 pollution that we obviously do not need.

We, the people, must expose and stop Wall Street goons for their constant, deliberate and artificial price gouging and plunder of the American people, pricing healthy organic produce, and food commodities out of the reach of the poor, working and the middle class people. After a simple review one could realize that all necessary principle ingredients for growing organic crops, such as: sunlight, rainwater, organic fertilizers (horse, cow, and sheep manure), seeds and soil are still provided free of charge by Mother Nature. - Now the fuel costs excuse: the fluctuation in the price of oil, or gas would never raise price of food commodities, goods and services the way we have been experiencing for the past 20 years. The following could clear the whole thing up real quick, we all know about the legendary 30, 40 billion dollar profits by the nation-less oil companies, which raises the question that if, according to what we have been told, the price of the oil was raised to makeup for the increase in cost of purchasing the oil, the nation-less oil company’s profit should have stayed the same, and not being increased by over 10 folds. Such thievery and greed driven economy will bring down the whole country not just the working and the middle class families.

Mr. President with a stroke of your pen, signing an executive order please put stop an on price gouging and offer some relief to the millions of American people whom are going to bed hungry every night. Price of foods is sky-rocketing, while price of oil has been falling. People are losing their jobs, homes, pensions and health insurance but price of food is constantly rising. The U.S. Government must help the people not the billionaires.


Mr. President, we, the people have elected you to the office of President to be the healing leader to unite the nation and heal our 911, economy and war deep wounds, not to become the divider and the warmonger. - You represent us, the people, not the nation-less corporations. - Please do not fall into the trap of these criminal nation-less warmongering and war profiteering corporations. - The poorly investigated events of the September 11, 2001 have been used to establish stronger and more brutal dominants over the 65% of the world’s energy reserves in the Asia-minor and the Middle East, by the criminal nation-less energy companies. The catastrophe of the September 11, 2001, which according to many, many prominent U.S. scientists and U.S. military officers and experts was a domestic murderous demolition operation must not and could not be used willy-nilly, as it already has, to kill Americans and millions of innocent people in Asia and the Middle East.

Mr. President, the nation-less corporate religious driven exports of fake democracy and liberty, induced through the use of bombs and bullets would never work. What type of credibility anyone could possibly have, if they bomb your home in the middle of the night, killing your wife and your children? U.S. government is, and has been the brutal enforcing arm of the will of the criminal elites to establish the rule of oligarchy, to divide, conquer and plunder. And every body knows that. Lets lead through the use of common sense, mutual respect, honor, compassion, diplomacy, cultural exchange, friendship and mutual cooperation, not by bombs and bullets.

Definition Of Terrorism: terrorism is the use of violence, fear, intimidation and murder, in order to terrorize the public, the defenseless civilian population in the pursuit of political, territorial and financial gains.

Finally, I apologize for being blunt and direct, I truly believe that the time for euphemistic and ambiguous language has been far-gone and over with. We are all adults and should begin acting as responsible and caring adults in order to revitalize and restore American environment, economy, society, dignity, healthcare, education and industries. We must also remind ourselves that universal healthcare, education, clean air, clean water, clean soil and good organic foods are absolute public rights not privileges.


Bahram Maskanian
Founder of the Tree Huggers of America
Over 56,000 members and growing

P.O. Box 607
New York, NY 10021-0013

Please below find my interpretations and definitions of my proposed words and concepts presented at the above.

Co-Op Economic Solutions - Cooperative is the Solution

Definition of Cooperation And Cooperative:
Definition of Cooperation and Cooperative: is to work, or take action together toward achieving a common purpose, through an association and cooperation of persons, and or organizations for achieving a political, social, or economic, goals, benefit a common good, cause, or purpose.

A Cooperative, or Co-Op effort is the work done through cooperation with others, relating to, or formed as cooperatives enterprises, or organizations, which will be jointly owned and managed by the employees and local population, such as but not limited to; cooperative radio and news groups, cooperative organic farms, cooperative stores, cooperative preventive healthcare clinics, cooperative factories, cooperative restaurants, cooperative housing, cooperative music and film production, etc.

Co-Op Marketing Philosophy:
Cooperative (Co-Op) marketing philosophy is based on the 4 pillars of common sense, ethical standards, loyalty and respect. One could become a trendsetter and treat one’s customers in a straightforward fashion, with respect and honesty. And not use the many common practices of deception, to push for over consumption. Price one’s products and services in deceptive manners to fool people; such as $0.99, instead one should use the honest pricing of $1.

Cooperative Management Philosophy:
The nation-less corporate management system based on lowering employees wages, fear, intimidation and insult has been a miserable failure. I am a firm believer of a management philosophy based on; mutual respect, loyalty, support, encouragement and reward, equal pay, equal benefits and equal shares for all employees.

The true spirit of teamwork must be in place at all times. There should be no boss and there should be no secrets. All decisions; large and small must be made mutually with the consent of the majority of the employees / owners. There shall be 65% majority vote necessary for any decision to pass and become a cooperative policy.

All owners / employees must participate, learn and become aware of all aspects of different tasks, obligations and be involved in the day-to-day operation of the cooperative, learning about each other’s work responsibilities through a temporary job rotation every few months, until such time that they all know how to support and help each other seamlessly. All employees / owners must realize that cooperation brings out the best in all of us, but competition brings out the worse, therefore the team motto should be, - one for all, and all for one -.

Definition of Greed:
Greed is idiotically short sighted, greed is unreliable, greed is highly selfish, greed is blind, greed is destructive, greed is criminal, greed knows no limit, greed is endless and highly unethical. Greed's endless criminal selfishness and predatory practices have already given us many wars, Global Warring and Global Warming, which have brought humankind to the brink of self-annihilation. - Greed could be best describe as one's narcissistic excessive desire to acquire, or possess far more than what one needs and deserves, especially with respect to material wealth and worldly possessions. - Greed grows in the absence of ethical standards, common sense, compassion and morality, which leads to suppressing the urge in one's conscience to prefer doing right, over wrong. - Many believe, as I do, and attach to competition, the stigma of selfish greed. - Humanity must choose Cooperation for survival instead of Competition, in order to stop greed in its tracks and bring humanity closer together out of the danger zone of the war of self-annihilation.


Bahram Maskanian

Click here to print the 1-page petition letter, add your name, address, phone number, date and signature. - Fax it to President Barack Obama, and mail it to him as well, registered mail.

Click here to print the entire 7-page petition letter, add your name, address, phone number, date and signature. - Fax it to President Barack Obama, and mail it to him as well, registered mail.

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