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The 12 Signs of Love in Love Making
The 12 Signs of Falling and Being in Love

- By Bahram Maskanian

My Definition of True Love:

I wanted to write and share with everyone, what I have learned from, and about true love. - I know now that love is an influx of involuntary and intense feeling of deep affection and heart-warming emotions for another. - Love is a highly passionate, kind, fulfilling feelings of deep, intimate, sensual, friendly and arousing warm desire, which creates a strong, long lasting and in most cases an unbreakable bond of love between lovers.

I believe love is a healer. - Love is soothing. - Love is a bridge, connecting two human bodies, energies and souls together. - Love electrifies, transforms, transports and transcends all barriers. - Love is empowering. - Love is liberating. - Love fine-tunes sensual energy, love solidifies, love strengthens and ripens resolves, love eradicates rage, love alleviates stress, love elevates human spirit and compassion.

It is important to understand that there is nothing magical, or mysterious about Love. Love manifests itself as infatuation at first, causing joyful organic hormonal release know as Oxytocin. The higher and the more intense is the level of attraction between two compatible lovers the more Oxytocin is produced and released.

Oxytocin, often referred to as the “love hormone" is a neurohypophysial hormone produced by mammals, secreted by the posterior pituitary gland, which acts primarily as a neuromodulator in the brain. Oxytocin plays a very important constructive role in the neuroanatomy of love and intimacy, specifically in terms of sexual reproduction.

The intensity of an infatuation varies between different people, for any infatuation to morph into a long lasting love, it will require the individuals involved to do their part by closing the gap between them, through having open and honest communication about everything, which will lead to either increasing the intensity of their biochemistry hormonal reaction and attraction, love, or if it is not meant to be, it will fade away.

True love will never stop growing, true love will get better and better as time goby, true love requires and is based on equality, with no expectations, non-competitive, mutual respect, trust, loyalty, cooperation and collaboration, open and honest communication about everything, romance, intimacy, devotion, surrender and glorious sex, in that order.

Love thrives and increases its strength and intensity, through holding hands, hugging, dancing, cooking together, massaging each other, kissing; before, during and after, having unscheduled sex, cuddling and repeat.

Love your lover for whom she / he is. Love without fear, love without restrictions, love without hesitations, give love without expectations, trust love without wondering, accept and receive love under same conditions. And if your lover for any reason decides to leave you, be unselfish enough to let them go and know your next love will much better than the one you had to let go.

Love flourishes, grows stronger and enticing daily in the atmosphere of equal sharing of all responsibilities, a true partnership environment spanning from bedroom to kitchen and everything else in between. Competition on the other hand eradicates love and builds a firewall of resentment and distrust, between lovers, leading to ugly and irreconcilable breakup.

I sincerely hope that Mother Nature give everyone the sweet opportunity to experience what true love feels like during her / his lifetime. - Better to have loved and lost, than have never known true love. -

The 12 Signs of Love in Love Making:

1 - Simply reading her / his suggestive words makes you moan with deep desires, very horny, a new kind of horny.

2 - You begin to feel high, in ecstasy, breathing heavily just by thinking about her / him.

3 - Her / his voice over the phone can satisfy you, make you climax beyond your wildest imagination, quivering in sexual elation, as if you were in each other’s arms.

4 - Her / his image, thought, taste, scent and voice removes all of your old ways and inhibitions, they will all disappear in an instant.

5 - Her / his love and sensual energy elevates your spirit, removes the self-imposed emotional shackles and gives you back your wings.

6 - When you are kissing each other you feel suspended in mid air.

7 - When you are caressing and stroking each other’s body, your entire body shivers endlessly, electrified with ecstasy.

8 - When you are in each other’s arms making love, time and place have no meaning.

9 - Her / his body scent become your absolute perfume permeating all around you.

10 - Every minute, of every day, you find yourself craving her / his voice, touch, taste and erotic scent.

11 - Sex and orgasms become earth shattering, endless and life altering experiences.

12 - Her / his tight embrace becomes your sweet home, sanctuary of love, peace and happiness. And nowhere else on earth could ever replace your refuge.

The 12 Signs of Falling and Being in Love:

1 - You read her / his letters over and over again.

2 - You walk slow and hold hands when you are walking together.

3 - You feel shy and happy whenever you look in to each other’s eyes.

4 - When you think about her / his, your heart beats faster and faster.

5 - You smile, feeling high and happy when you hear her / his voice.

6 - When you are in each other's arms, time stops and you cannot see, or hear others around you, all you feel, see and hear are her / his face and voice.

7 - You enjoy more, and more listening to soft, romantic, melodic and rhythmic songs, while immersed deeply in her / him thoughts.

8 - She / he becomes your world and all you are wondering about.

9 - You get naturally high and turned on, just from remembering her / his scent, smile and touch, wondering how lovely it is, to be in a tight embrace, naked, making love.

10 - You realize that you are always giggling for no reason and smiling to yourself when you are thinking about her / him.

11 - You would give and do anything for her / him voluntarily.

12 - While reading this article, if only one person was on your mind the whole time, she / he is the one you truly love, or falling in love with.

We illustrate our true love, feelings, intentions and the level, or the amount of love we feel and have for someone, by the amount of time, attention, love and commitment we give to her / him, voluntarily.

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