The staggering on going count of NON-BIODEGRADABLE plastic bags at the above is the up to date indicator of the plastic bags given to the U.S. shoppers, beginning January 01, of this year across the United States. - Each year a shocking quantity of 916,981,973,789 plastic bags are trashed, in U.S. alone, polluting and poisoning Land-fields, the Air and our Waters.

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The Organic Scheme

- By Bahram Maskanian - April 27, 2007

We, the people, must expose and stop Wall Street goons for their constant, deliberate and artificial price gouging and plunder of the American people, pricing healthy organic produce, and food commodities out of the reach of the poor, working and the middle class people. After a simple review one could realize that all necessary principle ingredients for growing organic crops, such as: sunlight, rainwater, organic fertilizers (horse, cow, and sheep manure), seeds and soil are still provided free of charge by Mother Nature.

Now the nation-less corporate fuel costs excuse: the fluctuation in the price of oil, or gas would never raise price of food commodities, goods and services the way we have been experiencing for the past 30 years. The following could clear the whole thing up real quick, we all know about the legendary 30, 40 billion dollar profits by the nation-less oil companies, which raises the question that if, according to what we have been told, the price of oil was raised to makeup for the increase in cost of purchasing crude-oil, the nation-less oil company’s profit should have stayed the same, and not being increased by over 10 folds. Such thievery and greed driven economy will bring down the whole country not just the poor, working and the middle class families as well.

I like to mention just one example of huge nation-less corporate greed and thievery here; an apple farmer for her / his good quality apple gets around 50 dollars a crate, a crate is 4000-pounds of apple, which will come to $0.0125 (one and quarter cent) per pound of apple. The lowest price anywhere for apple is $1.5 per pound, an increase in price by over 1200%. And even if the corporate middlemen have a high overhead of 5%, it would come to: total sell of $6,000.00 - the cost $50 + overhead $300 = $5,650.00 profit on a $50 investment, a highway robbery, not business.

We must all remember the following simple life saving phrase: BUY AND USE LOCAL AND SEASONAL FOODS / CROPS ONLY. The secret of a healthy living as we all know is 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day, plus locally grown and seasonal foods, preferably organic, clean air and clean water. The wisdom of Mother Nature is obviously unmatched and far superior to that of the greedy supper-market chains and the nationwide food distribution centers. Lets go with Mother Nature, I say.

Clearly it would be in everyone’s best interest, to purchase organic foods supplies as much as possible, farm a local organic form. The main obstacle for many of us to buy organic foods is obviously the high prices charged by the greedy criminal nation-less corporate producers, distributors and venders.

Unlike the popular perception, the organic crop / foods costs a whole lot-less to farm and produce. Due to the fact that the very expensive and highly carcinogenic chemicals: such as chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and alike are not used, therefore organic crop should cost a lot less than the so-called conventional ones.

We should all beware of the euphemistic labeling of crops and foods as All Natural. Cyanide and arsenic are All Natural too, but we do not want any of them in our foods. The question we should ask ourselves is that if all of these highly carcinogenic chemicals are good to be add it, and spray on our crop / foods supply, why not for the criminal billionaires and their undeservedly high paid nation-less corporate executives?

Now why the criminal billionaire elites are deliberately and knowingly shoving these deadly carcinogenic chemicals down publics’ throats? Why the elites do not want to be good decent people and allow every body, all of our fellow citizens enjoy having wholesome, organic crops and foods? What could possibly be the worse outcome of such humane and socially responsible act?

A healthy living consisting of 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercises each day, plus locally grown and seasonal foods, preferably organic, clean air and clean water will result in the general public’s health increase, high level of intelligence, dramatic boost in learning and literacy, political, social and economic progress and productivity, cultural health, advancements and growth. Obviously such positive public physical and mental health and growth will reduce the amount of the prescribed drug use, hospitalization, alcohol, tobacco, crime and violence at all levels, just to name a few.

The 6000 year old Persian proverb - HEALTHY MIND IS IN A HEALTHY BODY -, says it all very clearly. In the past couple of decades it has been proven over and over again that the totality of all of our human attributes and characteristics are all stems from our brain. Ranging from, generosity, kindness, thoughts, feelings, personality, perception, intelligence, behavior, character, the totality of our abilities to love, to learn, to create, and generally all that makes us an evolving human being. - In the absence and where the above conditions are not being met, we are faced with social upheaval, madness, sadness, confusion, uncontrollable rage, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco abuse, high level of crime and much, much more.

One would suspect that as part of a 40 year concerted and relentless efforts by the criminal billionaire elites, wanting to keep people at each others throat and dumbing down the public, is the one and only reason they are so dead set against such easy to achieve wonderful social progress in their own country; United States of America? Also could it be the fear of the inevitable declining prices of their beloved dumbing down institutions and nation-less corporate stocks? Stocks such as: pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturers, war mongering weapon manufacturers, alcohol, tobacco, prison industrial complex, nation-less agriculture, and many other related businesses thriving on the public misery and blood.

I leave you with one other absolute proven fact; scientifically and psychologically 1000s of kids in the past couple of decades, from all over the world, have been tested and examined for their learning ability and high intellectual potentials and the results are truly astonishing, simply put; it is now proven, that no matter where the child is born on Planet Earth, as so long as she / he is breast fed, followed by a healthy none carcinogenic foods, clean water, clean air and appropriate amount of love and attention, every child can grow up to be a genius. And if we add to this equation a good futuristic curriculum in no time we will transform our world into a heavenly utopian one.

How can we remedy the above greedy and criminal behavior?

First thing we can all do right now is to BOYCOTT all that is not good for our family and for us. Secondly we can help ourselves and our family by getting rid of our water guzzling, expensive to maintain and highly useless lawns and replace it with all kinds of beautiful vegetable gardens, eatable flowers and bushes of berries, fruit trees, etc. And those of us whom are living in the metropolitan areas, should come together and form a farm cooperative organizations to elevate the unnecessary pain of high costing organic crops and foods through purchasing and establishing our own local cooperative organic farms, our own cooperative organic food stores, cooperative organic farm stands on weekends, cooperative local foods distribution, cooperative local restaurants, etc.

Definition of Boycott:
Boycott, is an inherent right of the public to come together in unity abstaining from buying, using and or dealing with merchants of greed and perpetrators of destructive environmental, social, economic and political practices currently plaguing the whole of humanity. - Boycott, is an instrument of gaining political grounds and objectives. Boycott, is an expression of non-violent and constructive means of protest to peacefully correct and replace the destructive environmental, social, economic and political practices with wide-range of all encompassing prospers policies and procedures.

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