The staggering on going count of NON-BIODEGRADABLE plastic bags at the above is the up to date indicator of the plastic bags given to the U.S. shoppers, beginning January 01, of this year across the United States. - Each year a shocking quantity of 916,981,973,789 plastic bags are trashed, in U.S. alone, polluting and poisoning Land-fields, the Air and our Waters.

Tree Huggers of America is A Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization

Alliance of Non-Religious, Sensible And Concerned Citizens,
Advocates of Reason, Rational And Common Sense

About Tree Huggers

The one of many purposes of founding the Tree Huggers of America is to educate the consumerized, or brainwashed public, regarding the numerous, easily and cheaply available alternatives, to live a sustainable environmentally safe and friendly life. We feel it is humanity’s absolute responsibility to protect and preserve our one and only home, Planet Earth for the next generation, our angels of children, and our grand children.

We must all understand that the environmental consequences of our activities have already caught up with us and there is no more time to procrastinate. Unlike what is portrayed on almost all of the Environmental documentaries, Planet Earth is not in any danger, we are, after humanity destroyed itself, Planet Earth will recover, without any help form any of us. - The absolute truth is that WE, the humanity are in danger of annihilating ourselves. Please join, and help us, to help ourselves.

We seek to form partnership with those who feel the same and understand that Planet Earth is not disposable, and must be preserved and protected. Our first goal is to educate the public regarding the harmful use of PLASTIC in general and to eliminate the plastic bag use as our first goal and offer a safe, long lasting canvas tote bags, as an alternative, encouraging businesses, stores and shopkeepers to stop given out plastic shopping bags. - To achieve our first goal, we need your tax-deductible financial contributions, and any other help you, and your organization can provide to spread this vital message.

The phrase; - Throw Away - is the most misleading and damaging phrase in the English language. Where is - Away -? We, the humankind have one Home, Earth, one water, one air, one soil, and one universal common sense, there is no - Away -. Whatever we put into our soil, air and water will harm all of us, and it will never go away, rather it becomes a permanent damaging part of Earth’s environment. Next time you used the phrase; - Throw Away -, think about it, and do not - Throw Away -, rather reuse and recycle. And remember, reform begins with oneself.

Try to imagine if your home, your loved ones and all of your possessions were on fire, what are you going to do? Are you going to call an architect and interior decorator to form a blue ribbon discussion panel, while your life is going up in smoke, or perhaps use your common sense and call your local fire department? - Our home, Planet Earth is on fire, burning in the flames of Global Warming fast. The criminal nation-less corporations who started the fire know that too. The reason they are not doing anything and just giving the public a cheap and useless lip service is because they are hoping for more chaotic conditions to shift the blame from them selves to others. - Become a tree hugger, become a firefighter, now, while there is still time.

The GOOD NEWS is that we still have a brief window of time and opportunity to reverse our path of greed and destruction. The time to act is now. We must boycott the greedy environmental violators and support the environmental friendly movements and actions. There are plenty that each and every one of us can do right now. - Tiny inexpensive modifications in our self-destructive behaviors and taking small actions could potentially protect and save our one and only home, Planet Earth and us, the humankind whose survival is completely depends upon the health and well being of the host, Planet Earth.

One must always be vigilant and persistent, in matters of one's well-being; health, family and home, therefore be vigilant and persistent in looking after what is really important, spread the message of love, care and responsible living, tell others and never take our home, Planet Earth for grunted. - All politics are local. We, the people, must learn to think globally, but act locally. We should never forget that reform always begins with oneself. - The waves, spirit and inspiration of reform can only be radiated, advanced and spread by, and through those who have already reformed themselves.

Keep in mind that silence solves nothing, it never has, and it never will. Our silence will encourage more environmental devastation, violence and corruption at all levels, all over the world. Our silence will help to defeat and silent the peaceful ethical voices of reason and common sense. - It is our civic duty and moral obligation, to get involved and never be silent, to solve our many problems, by simply casting the light of truth and exposing the source of the problem, followed by enlightening educational measures to solve the problem through a peaceful conflict resolution.

There are only 2 ways of spreading the light of truth and hope, either to be the source of light, truth and hope, The Projector, or be The Mirror, that spreads and reflects the light of truth and hope to others, which one are you?

Next time you see the angelic smile of sweet, innocent little angels, our children, running around, growing up in this world, stop and think for just 1 minute, think about what kind of a polluted Home, we are raising them in, and the Home we are leaving behind for them. - We have become a threat to our own species and we must reverse it, before we reach the point of no return, the year 2018, or face the end of us, the humanity.

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Definition of Greed:
Greed is idiotically short sighted, greed is unreliable, greed is highly selfish, greed is blind, greed is destructive, greed is criminal, greed knows no limit, greed is endless and unethical. Greed's endless criminal selfishness and predatory practices have already given us many wars, Global Warring and Global Warming, which have brought humankind to the brink of self-annihilation. - Greed could be best describe as one's narcissistic excessive desire to acquire, or possess far more than what one needs and deserves, especially with respect to material wealth and worldly possessions. - Greed grows in the absence of ethical standards, common sense and sense of morality, which leads to suppressing the urge in one's conscience to prefer doing right, over wrong. - Many believe, as I do, and attach to competition, the stigma of selfish greed. - Humanity must choose Cooperation for survival instead of Competition, in order to stop greed in its tracks and bring humanity closer together out of the danger zone of self-annihilation.

Definition of Boycott:
Boycott, is an inherent right of the public to come together in unity abstaining from buying, using and or dealing with merchants of greed and perpetrators of destructive environmental, social, economic and political practices currently plaguing the whole of humanity. Boycott, is an instrument of gaining political grounds and objectives. - Boycott, is an expression of non-violent and constructive means of protest to peacefully correct and replace the destructive environmental, social, economic and political practices with wide-range of all encompassing prospers policies and procedures.

Definition of Unity:
To unite is to bring together so as to form a whole, or demonstrate in combination, or a combined group of people, sharing common interest, attitude, or action: the love that unites humanity. To become, or seem to become joined, formed, or combined into a unit, to join and act together in a common purpose, or endeavor, to be or become bound together by adhesion. To put or bring into an association, or relationship joined by common bond of humanity, to meet and merge with, to join forces, to connect, to become a part, or member of a club, or group, or a committee to participate with others in an act, or activity.

Definition of Politics:
Politics is the art and science of managing or governing one's entire social and economic affairs interactively in conjunction with the rest of the community, especially the collective governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external relationships. Politics is the activity and interaction engaged in by any given society's citizens, to build community and establish communal services for all. Politics is the maneuvering methods and tactics involved in managing any given society or state government. A politician is an individual, holding an intriguing and rewarding career of public service that honorably discharges hers or his duties in an ethical and caring manner.


Bahram Maskanian
A Proud Tree Hugger

Thursday, August 09, 2007 03:50 PM

Are you aware the term "tree hugger" was first used by the "Chipko Undula" movement in India where people went into the forest and literally hugged the trees in the face of the chain saws?

Their theme song goes:
Chipko Undula
Don't cut the forest down
Tall trees bring clean water
Roots go deep in the earth
Hold the soil down...

We did a tape of the song during the fight to save Clayoquot sound here in BC in 1993 (with 800 arrests). Some of the Indian activists taught it to us.

Jim Erkiletian
Nanaimo BC

The 11th Hour: Hollywood Documentary
Takes on Environmental Crisis of a World on the Brink

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"I Am Only A Child"

Must Watch This 6 Minute Video

13 year old Severm Suzuki, plead for the future of her generation.

"Even when we have more than enough, we are afraid to share."

"In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who are interested for research and educational purposes only. The Tree Huggers of America has no affiliation with the originator of this event."

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