The staggering on going count of NON-BIODEGRADABLE plastic bags at the above is the up to date indicator of the plastic bags given to the U.S. shoppers, beginning January 01, of this year across the United States. - Each year a shocking quantity of 916,981,973,789 plastic bags are trashed, in U.S. alone, polluting and poisoning Land-fields, the Air and our Waters.

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Who Cares About Trees? - What Trees Are Good For?

Trees are excellent source and defense against Global Warming. Trees protect humanity against countless deadly hazards. Trees are planet Earth's respiratory organs and behave like our lungs. Trees improve air by filtering the polluting gases such as CO2, out of the air we breathe. Trees through the processes of Photosynthesis produce countless life saving goodies, and much, much more.

Forest floor covered with decaying leaves and wood acts as a massive sponge by absorbing, filtering, and holding water; one acre of trees provide oxygen for 9 people, 1 acre of trees will clean the air pollution caused by 10 cars, running for 15 hours. Trees also save energy; a shad of 1 tree has the cooling effect of 5 air conditioners.

Trees prevent topsoil erosion and landslide, thereby trees protect against floods. Trees are strong barriers against wind and storm, a healthy forest protects soil from wind and water erosion. - Farmland yields are lowered by the effects of strong hot winds, in the absence of healthy trees. Trees improve crops yields by preventing topsoil particles from being blown away by strong winds, which often damage farmlands and crops.

Trees are home for our Planet wildlife, wooded areas make precious cover, nesting and breeding regions for upland game and songbirds. In winter, when all other food is blanketed with snow, seeds and fruits of trees and shrubs provide food for non-migratory species.

Trees are living defense against snow acting as a barrier. Trees are also effective sound barriers. Trees and windbreaks reduce noise pollution from high-speed traffic and other sounds. Plant leaves, branches, and twigs all absorb sounds of different frequencies.

Trees obviously beautify the landscape. Well-preserved forests, or wooded areas, and windbreaks, will undeniably enhance the quality of life, health, beauty, and the aesthetic value of individual farms and homes countryside.

Who cares about trees? We, the humanity, we all do! Cutting down trees to make paper towel, or toilet paper, or paper, or cardboard, or 2x4s, are as suicidal and stupid as smoking cigarettes. No trees, no clear air to breathe, no trees, no clean water to drink. The end.

The alternative to killing trees is to do what we use to do up to 1940s, cultivate hemp, which will safely provide all that we, the humanity need, and than some. Hemp is a fantastic plant; providing: oil, fuel, food, fabric, substance similar to plastic, but safe and biodegradable, paper products, cardboard, and much, much more, the list goes on, and on, and on!!!

Hemp is recognized worldwide as the oldest cultivated fiber plant known to humanity. It is naturally resistant to bacteria and mold. Hemp literally "grows like a weed", which means deadly chemicals such as; pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are not needed to cultivate this amazing plant fiber. Hemp is an ancient fiber known to humanity and used by civilizations throughout human history.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Bahram Maskanian
A Proud Tree Hugger

Why Tens Of Billions Of Bees Are Vanished Each Year?

UN Warns of Earth's Record Breaking Extreme Weather
The United Nation's World Meteorological Organization (WMO), has warned that dangerous record breaking extreme weather have been recorded in almost every continent in the year 2006 and 2007. - An extreme global land temperatures reaching their highest levels since records began in the early 1800. - The WMO said it tracked an alarming incidence of unusually adverse weather from Europe and Asia to Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. - In South Asia monsoons have killed more than 500 people and displaced more than 10 million others. In the Middle East, the first documented cyclone in the Persian Golf region was reported in June 2007. - In China heavy rains affected more than 13 million people. - England and Wales had their wettest May and June since records began in 1766, resulting in extensive flooding and more than $6 billion in damage. - Germany swung from its driest April since 1901 to its wettest May 2007, on record. - Argentina and Chile witnessed unusually cold winter temperatures in July 2007, while South Africa had its first significant snowfall since 1981 in June 2007. - Omar Baddour of the World Climate Program said: "The start of the year 2007 was a very active period in terms of extreme weather events." - Are we still waiting for more evidence to understand that there is such condition, known as - Global Warming -, and it is getting worse daily, or are we ready to stop our selfish, reckless and stupid life style and behavior?

Bill Moyers Journal - RACHEL CARSON - SILENT SPRING September 21, 2007

Bill Moyers Journal - August 24, 2007

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